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This Picture Delights me

December 1st, 2011 · Family Life

This picture of the BoyChild, taken Thanksgiving Day when we were driving to Aunt Julia’s house, delights me.

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It’s all a matter of perspective

November 30th, 2011 · Family Life

Today I lost .6 pounds at Weight Watchers.

Generally this wouldn’t make me happy, but since my goal this week was simply NOT to gain any weight, it makes me incredibly happy.

Yeah for 8 mile runs!

Total distance for the month of November 77.78 miles
Total miles/time ran on Nov 29, 2011: 3/41:43
Total miles on Ravenna 2 Shoes as of 11/29/2011: 40.68
Tota miles on Saucony ProGrid™ Stabil CS 2 as of 11/29/11: 3

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November 29th, 2011 · Family Life

I have bookclub tonight.

I’m also suppose to run 4 1/2 miles.

You suppose I know these women well enough to show up at a restaurant and eat with them after going on a four and a half mile run.

I guess we shall see.  That is currently my plan.


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Kindle Fire

November 28th, 2011 · Family Life

We’ve had our Kindle Fire for about a week now.

I’ve got to admit:  I LOVE it!

Yesterday, while I was running my 8 miles on the treadmill, I downloaded and watched a movie from AmazonPrime for free!

They have televisions at the health club, and little dealies you are suppose to stick your earbuds into for each TV.  I, however, hardly ever use that option.  It’s really hit and miss whether those little ear bud thingies will work.  There’s never anything on I want to watch.  And even if I get to pick what’s watched, I never know what’s on.

Saturday night the BoyChild and I layed on his bed and watched The Green Lantern which we paid 99 cents for.  Less than RedBox and we didn’t have to get out in the cold!  The Kindle has the added benefit that because the screen is so small we have to snuggle up together and be quiet so we can watch the movie.

It makes a great e-reader too.  The BoyChild and I have begun reading together a book Until Tuesday: A Wounded Warrior and the Golden Retriever Who Saved Him .  I’ve read it, which is why it was on the Kindle, but the BoyChild has been reading books about dogs and I thought he might enjoy it.  So, he reads to me for awhile and then I read to him awhile before we go to bed.

The Fire, unlike the regular Kindle is back-lit, so the BoyChild even read to me while we were in the car coming home from Target the other night.

I think this one is a keeper!

Disclaimer:  No one paid me anything for any of the nice things I wrote about here.  Though I’d be happy if they did!

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Today I ran 8 miles

November 27th, 2011 · Family Life

Today I ran 8 miles.

I won’t kid you, it wasn’t “easy.” But it was doable.

A year ago, if someone had told me I’d be saying that today, I wouldn’t have believed them.

My foot hurts. My hip hurts. My new shoes didn’t come. But I did it.

I am impressed with myself today.

Total distance for the month of November 74.78 miles
Total miles/time ran on Nov 27, 2011: 8.00/2:01:56
Total miles on Ravenna 2 Shoes as of 11/27/2011: 40.68

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Running This Week

November 26th, 2011 · Family Life

I’ve not posted about my running much this week.

I’ve done it, but I’ve not taken the time to figure it.

Total distance for the month of November 66.78miles
Total miles/time ran on Nov 23, 2011:  2.65/50:37
Total miles/time ran on Nov 25, 2011: 4:33/64.58
Total miles on Ravenna 2 Shoes as of 11/21/2011:  32.68

I’ve not been doing as well since I got these new shoes. Dr. Tom doctored them up a bit but I decided to buy the same ones I had. They’ve not yet arrived and I have an 8 mile long run to do tomorrow. Ggggrrrrr.

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Weird Day

November 25th, 2011 · Family Life

Today has been kind of odd.  Not bad, just odd.

Did my run.  Ordered new shoes. I continue to spend more on running shoes than ones I wear everyday.

Hope everyone had a great Black Friday,

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Happy Thanksgiving!

November 24th, 2011 · Family Life

Have a Happy Thanksgiving, y’all!

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Update on the Ice Pack Situation

November 23rd, 2011 · Family Life

I have tried several different ice packs.

I have two of these.  This one stays on well but doesn’t stay cold much longer than 30 minutes.

I have two of these.  Sort of like the ones above but without the sleeve to hold it on.  I bought them so I could substitute them for the ones in the sleeves in the one above.  It doesn’t stay as cold as the one above.

I’ve got one of these.  Old fashioned but it does get cold.  There’s no good way to make it stay where I want it to stay.

I got two from Academy that I can’t find on their web page.  It stays on VERY well but doesn’t stay cold for very long.

They all have different things to offer.  The two from Academy have the best things to hold the ice packs to my knee.

Finally, I ordered one of these today.  I’ve got an Active Ice pack but without the outter wrap that I found in the freezer at work.  I suspect my father used it when he had his knee replaced.  I don’t know where the outter wrap is.  I’ve been using a scarf to tie it to my knee.  Not ideal but it works.

The thing I like about the Active Ice one over the others I’ve found, is that it stays cold for a long time.  I can move it from knee to knee without having to put it back into the freezer to refreeze it.

Oh!  Our Kindle Fire arrived in the mail yesterday!  I can’t wait until I get my time to play on it.

Disclaimer:  None of these companies know me from Adam and have given no compensation for the links or the mention.  Though I would love to try the Active Ice for my hip pain.

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Momma Said There’d Be Days Like This

November 22nd, 2011 · Family Life

Yesterday it was raining, cold; a typical November sort of day.

I just couldn’t face the cold and the rain for my run.  I went to the health club.

I was cruising along, making good time (for me) and I was almost finished with my run.

Then my foot started hurting.

And damn but it’s painful.  I didn’t finish the last half mile of my scheduled 4 1/2 mile run.

On Saturday, I finished my 7 mile run but my time on the last two or three miles wasn’t very good because I couldn’t run for any distance without pain. My hip started hurting last night too. Not the first time, but it’s continued to hurt today.

When I’m tired.  And hurting.  I begin to question what the hell I think I’m doing.

I called yesterday to see about getting back in to see my fabulous running doctor.  But he is popular and doesn’t work full time.  December 9th is the first appointment I could get.

I’m suppose to run another 4 1/2 miles on Wednesday this week as well as Friday.  Then on Sunday I’m suppose to run 8 miles!

I’m going to be 49 soon.  Am I just too damned old to be starting this?

My half marathon is in 94 days.  There are no stumbling training days worked into my schedule.  If I get behind, there’s no way for me to catch up.

Do I just need to go back to the heavier, more expensive shoes I was wearing?

Total distance for the month of November 59.8 miles
Total miles/time ran on Nov 21, 2011:  4.36/62:55
Total miles on Ravenna 2 Shoes as of 11/21/2011:  25.7


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