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Run Lucky

March 12th, 2012 · Family Life

Yesterday I ran in the Run Lucky 5k race.

This is how I looked before I started:

I felt a little ridiculous but was trying to get into the spirit of things.

This is me at the end. Not really caring that I looked ridiculous.

Funny story: My running partner and I got to the first “marker” and were so impressed with our time. We got to the second marker and were high-fiving one another at how fast we were going. At the third marker we said, “we’re almost finished!” And then we got to the fourth marker and realized it was the kilometer markers and not mile markers. We weren’t doing especially well on our time at all.

It was for a good cause. My knees hurt almost not at all. And my time didn’t completely suck. A good day by anyone’s estimation!

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Remember this?

March 9th, 2012 · Family Life

Remember when I posted this?  Cause I thought someone in my office was screwing with me.

I just noticed this today:

I guess someone else was having trouble figuring out which was decaf and which was regular.

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Finding a New Normal

March 7th, 2012 · Family Life

I’ve not been doing a very good job of writing in my blog.  I have all kinds of excuses but I’ve been floundering around trying to find our new normal.

You see my husband, after spending most of the last 17 years staying at home taking care of our kids (with a few years of employment mixed in here and there) has gone back to work.  It’s a temporary position, so if anyone has a full-time job for a 55 year old, over-educated, hard working, good man, let me know.

I’ve had to begin doing things I haven’t done in…awhile.  Things like laundry and dishes and cooking and just stuff.  Which along with my running.  Has been sucking the life out of me.  I did 8 miles on Saturday;  go me!

Now, instead of just getting myself up and out the door, I’ve got to get myself AND the BoyChild up and out the door and to school.  All on time.  This has been a bit of a challenge as I’m not always my best in the mornings and neither is the BoyChild.

I’ve not done too badly.  There was the morning I hit the snooze bar on the alarm and awoke at 8:30 when the BoyChild was suppose to actually be at school.  Not my finest moment.  I was so embarrassed I seriously thought about just calling us both in sick and staying home that day.  But I got up with my shame and he made it to school at 9:15.

And then there were the three days last week that the school was closed because 1/2 the teachers and 1/3 of the students were sick with the flu.  We did not (knock-wood) succumb to that particular illness.  Though we’ve had our own version of the plague running rampant through our house.

We’ve set up some new systems.  Three laundry baskets in the hallway.  Pretty, I know, but necessary; one for whites, one for darks and one for pinks/reds.  The dark and the white basket has it’s own little washable bag just for socks and there is another bag for my bras.  Almost every day we do at least one load of laundry.  I often wonder (especially since about half my clothes go to the cleaners) how three people manage to make so much laundry, but we do.  Our solution is the new system.  It seems to be working pretty well and isn’t dramatically different than what we did before.  Before we each had our own laundry baskets and David would gather clothes from each.  This new method saves time.  The bags for the socks are to try to combat the problem of the missing socks.  If we can get them into a washable bag and wash them together maybe they won’t disappear as dramatically as they seemed to before.  It’s worth a try; right?

We’ve been more diligent about making menus for the week.  We try to make enough so that we can freeze half and have two meals.  This is not only economical, but it is a huge time saver when we have something to do in the evenings.  We’ve been using the crock pot ALOT.  Throwing the meal into the crock pot the night before, putting it on in the morning and coming home to dinner that all we have to do is make rice or noodles or a veggie is heavenly.   We clean the kitchen before we go to bed and David unloads the dishwasher while he’s waiting for the coffee to make in the morning.

I’ve been having to make the drive to all the doctor’s appointments, dentist, orthodentist, allergy shots and the like.  I try to group those appointments as much as I can.  So today for instance, while I couldn’t get a late afternoon orthodentist appointment, I did set it on the same day he has his allergy shots.  That way I only have to make one trip instead of two.

On days he doesn’t have appointments, I pick the BoyChild up from school at 3:15, we go back to my office.  He does his homework, eats a snack from my desk and then gets to play on the computer until it’s time to go home.  On the days I run, David comes and picks him up and takes him home after he gets off work.  On days I can’t pick him up at 3:15, we have the option of sending him to after-care.  This all works pretty well for us because the BoyChild’s school is relatively close to my office and David’s job isn’t far from our home or my office.

The BoyChild and I seem to have settled into a routine. It seems to be working for us.  David seems to be having a little more difficult time of it.  That he doesn’t get to spend as much time with the BoyChild as he did seems to be the hardest on him.  Now a lot of things have to be done in the evenings when we would be watching tv or playing Uno or something.  Before, he would say, “let’s leave the dishes until tomorrow and I’ll do them so we can do X.”  Now, we have to do the dishes or tomorrow will turn into a nightmare.

I managed to get my clothes to the dry cleaners this week.  David said he could pick them up when they are ready.

I’m going to find someone to clean house ever week or two.  I think we can keep up with the day to day cleaning but I’d rather not spend my weekends doing the heavy stuff.

We are working on our new normal.  It’s not been horrible but it has been different.

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February 23rd, 2012 · Family Life

David and I have been watching the Netflix original series, Lilyhammer.

The show is about an American Mafia guy who agrees to testify against his old gang in exchange for witness protection and relocation.  He choses Lilyhammer, Norway having seen in while watching the Olympics.  My husband tells me the star, Steven Van Zandt was in “The Sopranos,” but I didn’t watch that show, so it doesn’t mean much to me.

This is a quirky little show that I will watch more of if they decide to make more.

Most of the dialogue is in Norwegian with English subtitles.  I had the volume low because “hey I don’t understand Norwegian!”  My husband reached out to turn the volume up.  I asked him if he was doing that under the theory that if you speak louder and slower a foreigner will understand better.

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Random Thoughts

February 13th, 2012 · Family Life

Last week the BoyChild had a social studies project due.  My husband and I have four degrees between us (2 each) and WE weren’t entirely sure what the project called for.  We made the BoyChild do most of the work, but with us telling him what to do, i.e. “google the President and download a picture.”  We made him do the cutting.  We googled stuff and I made him write some of it down and then type it up.  We cleaned it up for him and then he cut out the pictures and the words and pasted it to the poster board.  I STILL don’t have any idea if it is what the teacher wanted.  I feel like we did more of the project than did the BoyChild and god knows I don’t want to go down that road.  But I really don’t think he could have done it without our help.  The instructions said we were going to have to be “actively involved” in this project.  So maybe it is what we were suppose to do.  I feel a little uneasy about it though.


We adopted the BoyChild a dog this weekend.  He’s still trying out names, but I think he’s settled on Bugsy.  We’ve got our dog, Tandi, and the Lab Rescue’s dog, Chester, but they are big and old and lazy.  The BoyChild wanted something small, friendly, playful and His.   He really wanted a puppy.   I just didn’t want to do that puppy thing again.  I was also a little concerned that it would become my dog or David’s dog because puppies require so much care that the BoyChild wouldn’t be able to give a puppy.   I’m hoping Bugsy will become “his” dog.  I’ve had two or three dogs in my lifetime that filled some void and were “my” dogs and I cried when they died, or had to be put down, and will still cry if I think about them too much.  I want the BoyChild to have that kind of dog.


I did six miles on the treadmill yesterday.  I have come to hate working out on the treadmill.  This is new for me.  I used to love being on the treadmill in the safety of the health club.  Now, I’ve gotten use to dealing with traffic, people, the sidewalks and all there other dangers outside.  I also hate the cold too.  The cold beat me yesterday.  My average pace was 15:10 min/mile.  Not bad for a nearly 50 year old woman with bad knees.


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We took the plunge

February 3rd, 2012 · Family Life

Yesterday I called the cable company and cancelled my cable and my home land-line.

We did it.

We took that plunge.

We’ve been talking about it for awhile.

I’ve been an advocate of getting rid of the land-line for a long time.  David wasn’t.  We’d had that telephone number for a very long time.  More than 20 years anyway.  But we weren’t using it.  Pretty much ever.  We cancelled caller id because no one ever called us on it who we needed to talk to.  I put the answering machine on it, and told people to call our cell phones or leave a message.  The only messages we’ve got in months are people wanting us to vote for them in the form of robo calls or people wanting to lower our interest rates.  Again in the form of robo calls.

The cable was a little more complicated.  When I suggested that we cancel it David and the BoyChild both let out screams that could be heard in the next county.  David began investigating the different options.  We bought a Roku.  Then we bought another.  We signed up for Amazon Prime and changed our Netflix to streaming video only.  David asked for and received at Christmas a USB TV tuner.  You can record over-the-air TV and burn it to a DVD.

So I called them yesterday and cancelled everything except our high speed internet.  It will save us $105 a month (actually probably more because this last bill says on it “Upcoming Price Changes” and the guy told me it would be going up another $15 or $20 a month with their price changes.  Because we all know they weren’t going to lower the prices.

The BoyChild will miss Cartoon Network.  But we’ve stopped watching television during the week, so he won’t miss it a whole lot.  And I hate the shows on CN so I don’t see it as a great loss.

So what do you think?  Anyone else take the plunge?  Got an suggestions or words of advice?

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Brown Rice

February 2nd, 2012 · Family Life

I’ve kind of fallen off the WW Wagon.

The holidays are hard.  They start with Halloween and then there’s that long slog through Thanksgiving, Christmas and then shooting out of the tube a fat mess over New Years.  Not great imagery but you get my drift.

My first week back (I didn’t go for a couple of weeks when I was going to P.T. for my knee) I’d maintained my weight.  Not bad for me, not exercising and eating my weight in Lay’s Sour Cream and Onion Potato Chips.

This week not so good.  I’d put on a pound.  Which is a little weird to me because I’ve begun running and cut down on my potato chip habit.  Go figure.

Recently we’ve begun cooking with brown rice.  We eat a lot of recipes off SkinnyTaste and they just go great with rice.  Brown rice is suppose to be so much better for you.

My problem is cooking it.  I have a great recipe for white rice.  Tablespoon olive oil, chopped onions, saute, throw in the rice and saute it for a minute, put in twice as much fat free chicken broth as rice (1 cup rice to 2 cups broth) depending on how much you need put in the oven and bake for 20 minutes at 350 degrees.  25 minutes if you are my husband who likes to “improve” upon my recipes.

Brown rice doesn’t work that way.  I started with this recipe from Saveur.  And then I tried this variation from Pinch My Salt.  They are o.k. but my results are just o.k.

Anyone have a really great, basic, easy brown rice recipe?

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It’s been a long rough week

January 19th, 2012 · Family Life

It’s been a long rough week.

It’s only Thursday but I’ve woken up every day this week thinking, “is it Saturday yet?”

Two teenagers have committed sucide recently.  One was 14 and the other was 16.  I only have tenuous connections to them if you could even call it a connection at all, I didn’t personally know either child, but it’s hitting me hard.

They were babies.  Children.   I can’t imagine the grief their parents must feel.

I’ve not been running, so I don’t have that as a stress relieving outlet.

I am starving and I am craving junk food.  Cupcakes from Pinkitzel.  Chicken Nachos from LaLuna.  Comfort food.

It needs to be the weekend soon.

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I never did show you my new boots

January 16th, 2012 · Family Life

I just realized I never did show you my new boots. This is them:

That’s me on the right. On the left is my daughter’s high heels.

I know the picture doesn’t do them justice.  Here is a link to the Naturalizer web page where I bought them.

I *LOVE* them and wear them every chance I get.  They are the most comfortable, right out of the box, boots I’ve ever worn.

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One of those weeks

January 13th, 2012 · Family Life

Man this has been one of those weeks.

I’ve been going to PT two to three times a week and getting injections in my knee once a week.  It is time consuming but the swelling has gone down which was the goal.  I’ve also not been running as much which might account for the swelling going down.

One day this week (I’ve forgotten which one it’s been that kind of week) I knocked my glasses off the sink and stepped on them.  Not a delicate, bend them out of shape sort of step either.  A break the frames and make them absolutely un-usable sort of step.

I did have a current prescription (yeah for that) but I’d planned to get my glasses on-line using that place that will send you six sets of glasses to try.  That takes time and I’d not gotten around to it yet.

So, off we went to the mall.  I have insurance to get my eye exam but not any “coverage” for the glasses or the lens themselves but I printed off the “discounts” I was suppose to get based on the “deal” the health insuance company had made with eye glass companies.  I ended up spending $269 and getting two pairs of glasses.  The eye glass company (who shall remain nameless because of a screw up I’ve not yet mentioned) had a better price than the discounts provided under my health insurance.

But.  And I didn’t ever understand how this happened.  When they actually made my glasses, they put the bi-focal prescription in the lens but not the “regular” prescription.   They were very nice, and very apologetic, and even made me a pair of lens with the regular prescription so I could see to drive until the regular ones were ready but it took three trips to the mall and two days of running around like a blind person.

Yesterday my sister had her gall bladder out.  I had forgotten how hard sitting around waiting is.  It is completely exhausting!  The patient made it through surgery safely and is recuperating at our house for the weekend.

I guess all this sums up that I’m ready for the weekend to begin because it’s been one of those weeks.

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