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Worry is my middle name

This is a compensated review from BlogHer and AT&T FamilyMap

I worry a lot.  Not always about specific things.  Just stuff.  Usually not stuff I can do much about.  But I worry none the less.

Am I being a good mother?
Is the BoyChild getting enough sleep?
Is the BoyChild eating enough to keep a bird alive?
Will the BoyChild like school this year since his best friend didn’t come back?
Will he make a new best friend?

See? Not really stuff I can do anything about. Just stuff I worry about.

BlogHer and ATT asked me to review their new product called FamilyMap.   Man I *LOVE* this thing and it might actually give me one less thing to worry about.

I signed up about a week ago for the 30 day free trial.   I don’t usually let the BoyChild carry a cell phone, but recently he’s been the most active person in our family, so I gave him one.  And by active, I mean,  he’s had the most to do; allergy shots twice a week, Judo twice a week, swimming four times a week, doctor’s appointments, playdate.  It seems like this summer, there’s almost as much on my calendar for him as there is for me.

While the BoyChild has the phone turned on and on his person.  I can go to the AT&T web page and it can tell me within about 1/2 a mile where he is.  It’s not an exact science, but it gave me enough details that I could follow him around during his daily trips.

It was relatively easy to set up my account on the web.  I set up my “places” on my account; my house, my office, the kid’s school, the judo do-jo.   This is so, I’m assuming here, that if they triangulate a location, and it’s close to the judo do-jo, that you can say to yourself, “oh, he’s at judo.”

I also set up the BoyChild’s schedule; when he is suppose to be where.  Cause honestly, he has the most to do of any of my family members.  In the schedule features, you can have it text or e-mail you if the person does not show up at a given location at a given time.  It will also e-mail that to a third location.  Or you can set it to notify you if the person goes near a given location.

I have spent some time watching my husband and the BoyChild cruise around town.  I have always been able to tell with a certain amount of certainty where they were headed.  But the coolest feature.  The one that made my eyes kind of pop occurred last week.   Thursday at 5:00 my BoyChild goes to Judo.  I knew he wasn’t going because he’d started school that day and my husband and I had anticipated he might be too tired to go.  At 5:00 on the dot, I got a text message and an e-mail tell me that the BoyChild was NOT at Judo AND it told me where they had located his phone which was within 3 blocks of my house.  Which was where the BoyChild was.

It’s not perfect.  I wish it would e-mail me when the BoyChild arrives at a place instead of just when he’s not where he’s suppose to be.  But I’m assuming this is a work in progress.

But this may give me one less thing to worry about.  And while I’m sure to think of something else, some days, one less thing to worry about is a great thing.

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