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I don’t really get this FaceBook thing

April 17th, 2009 · 2 Comments · Family Life

I don’t really get this fascination with FaceBook.

I’ve been signed up on FaceBook for a long time.  I love the word games.   Text Twirl and Word Twist are two of my favorites.  I loved kicking the asses of my friends on FaceBook who are all smarter and better spellers than I.  I had to stop doing that because I was staying up too late and I was tired the next day.

Recently, I’ve begun to be “friended” by people I knew many, many years ago.  If I know you, and you friend me, I’ll generally approve it.  It seems rude not to.  If you ask a questions, I’ll answer.  But honestly I feel like I know far too much about some people these days, so I don’t generally ask a lot of probing questions of others.  I don’t think I’ve friended anyone who wasn’t picked out of my e-mail address book by FaceBook.  I tried to be circumspect about those and only pick people I actually knew.

I’ve been friended by people I remember from my childhood and teen-aged years.  I’ve been friended by a few people who I have little or no memory of but their friends are all people I went to high school with, so I approved them. They have all been nice experiences and some were down right pleasant.

Then a few weeks ago, I got friended by a guy I dated a few times when I was in high school.  I’m no spring chicken so we’re talking plus or minus 30 years ago.  And he put a comment on my “wall;” a true statement but not a question like, “how the hell are you?” or anything about himself.  I thought that odd.

This man has almost no information on his profile.  A name and a date of birth is all.  So I don’t have any idea whether he lives here or in Poughkeepsie.

Then he posted a “quiz” about me. Nothing terrible or bad, just kind of odd.

And then he posted another.

That second “quiz” freaked me the hell out.  I’ve got little kids.  I don’t know who this person is any longer.  Is he a college professor somewhere where with a wife and five kids and just doesn’t have the social skills to post a note saying, “hi! how the hell are ya?” or some psycho living in his car stealing internet access from Paneria.

Because a lot can happen in 30 years.  Just because I knew you and liked you then doen’t mean I’ll like you now.

I didn’t delete my profile in FaceBook.  But I thought about it for awhile.

So.  If you want to friend me in FaceBook.  I may be a little slow to respond these days.


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  • 1 trena // Apr 17, 2009 at 10:57 pm

    Yikes! I would have immediately deleted everything and then been paranoid for the rest of my life (more than I already am, I mean–what? not everyone else thinks about what to do if someone breaks into the house as they’re drifting off to sleep?!!!).

    I have only friended people I know in real life (mostly people I know now, with a few friends/people I went to high school with)–luckily my circle is pretty small, so I haven’t dug up any freaks (yet).

    Good luck with that– can you block him and report him to Facebook?

  • 2 Nadine // Apr 29, 2009 at 12:13 pm

    My take on the Facebook thing is each person get what they want from it. Or what they put into it. Me, I like to play the games…I befreind loads of people. Blogging sorta pulled me outta that freaky state of not trusting. I mean I put virtually EVERYTHING in my life in that blog, how can I not befriend someone India to play Mafia Wars?? These people are kept away from photos and notes.
    Family…and actual friends…do not know about the blog. I can’t be cut outta the will that way.
    And they are some THE Blog Fodder EVER!
    Classmates…I have added people that known be since kindergarten. I have always wonder what happened to these people and if Facebook is the way to do that without the intanglement of a face to face…I’d rather FaceBook!
    I have befriended my brother’s ex wife. I hated her when they were together. I like her more that the chick he has now! I have befriend the sister of my beau from high school and I have yet to ask her anything about him. I’m curious but… not.
    So again…to each his own.
    I do believe that any parent that has children old enough to be online, that child has a facebook or myspace and the parent should also have one themselves to monitor what their child puts on it.
    My neice monitors mine.
    Hello Pot.
    This is the Kettle.
    Good thing she doesn’t know about the blog.

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