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More Evidence I should be mother of the year

March 18th, 2009 · 2 Comments · Family Life, Photos

This is the BoyChild.

At his first dentist appointment.

LAST month.

Yeah.  He’s six years old and I’m just now taking him to the dentist.

I’d dreaded this appointment but he took it like a trooper.  I was concerned he wouldn’t let these women rummage around in his mouth.  So I put it off and put it off.  I’d worried needlessly.  Or he’s matured a lot in the last year.  Take your pick

That’s his pillow he’s sitting upon.  In his right hand, which you can’t see, is a Hot Wheels 18 wheeler.  Comfort things he sometimes carries to help himself feel better.  The sunglasses belong to the dentist.  I thought they were a nice touch.

It went very well.  His molars have came in without any fanfare.  He doesn’t have any cavities.  Though he did have a chipped tooth I didn’t know anything about.

They took x-rays and said he should begin losing his baby teeth in the next six months or so.

And it went so well, I scheduled his next visit while I was there!


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  • 1 Nadine // Mar 19, 2009 at 10:10 am

    I’m gettin’ all weepy, my old dentist used to let me have my piddy and he had sun glasses…..Hang on to those sorta people.

    I took my girls from the time they were old enough to sit still and open their mouths to allow for a stranger to be in their mouths. 3 I think. And every time I was supposed to….at the Indian Health facility….I did every thing right.
    And when my world crumbled, one of the first lot of untrueful things that were said, was I had neglected their teeth! That yellowing on their teeth was from neglect.
    My dentist that I love, knew the moment he looked into their mouths, said, “You had them in an Indian Clinic?” The yellowing was from a flouride treatment that they do.

    So long story short….you’re a good mother.

  • 2 gorillabuns // Mar 26, 2009 at 7:17 pm

    i just took my 4 year old for the first time. i say you are doing a good job.

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