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The Dangerous Days of Daniel X

September 11th, 2008 · 1 Comment · Books, What I'm reading when I have time

I’ve never been a James Patterson fan. He is a good writer but I usually have other books that I would rather read. That may have changed with his new novel for kids, “Daniel”, written by Patterson and Michael Ledwidge.

Patterson, the father of a ten year old son, wrote a series called Maximum Ride in an effort to get boys to read more. The books were evidently very popular, although I had never heard of them. He started the Daniel X series to continue his efforts to encourage boys to read.

Daniel X is a teenager who happens to be the protector of Earth. He is an alien hunter (think demented E.T., not humans). His parents were also alien hunters and were murdered when he was a toddler by an extraterrestrial they were hunting. Upon their deaths, Daniel inherited the List, the roster of evil aliens on Earth. With the help of the List, Daniel is hunting down the aliens who want to destroy Earth and closing in on his parents killer. Oh, yes, Daniel also has special powers which help him hunt the aliens.

While the premise sounds frightening, and there are a few tense moments, the book is mostly humorous. This is an adventure story, set on Earth, about space creatures. There is enough excitement, adventure, and humor to keep kids of all ages entertained.

My six year old loves to read and have stories read to him at bedtime. We often read two or three books before he nods off at night.  Looking for a book that might last until he goes to sleep, I started reading him Daniel X.  The BoyChild loved it! I thought it would take about a week to read but he liked it so much we finished it in three days. The BoyChild’s final comment? They ought to make a movie about this! My fourteen year old daughter refused to read it but my son ,and then my husband’s, enthusiasm finally convinced her to try it. So far she loves it! My husband liked it so much he is going to try reading the Maximum Ride books to our son while waiting for the sequel.

If you have a child who is reluctant to read, try this book. Although it didn’t seem to bother my son, I would hesitate to recommend it for children under eight because it does have a basically violent theme. It is also a great book for adults looking for a light read with enough humor and action to keep your attention.

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  • 1 Grace // Jan 2, 2012 at 12:56 pm

    I hope you do read the Maximum Ride series. It’s an amazing series, and I’m sure if you liked Daniel X you’ll love the Maximum Ride books too. I started with the Maximum Ride books, and, waiting for the next book to come out in August, I started reading the Daniel X series. If I may, I would like to recomend the mangas of Maximum Ride and Daniel X too. Mangas are basically comic books, and I’m sure your son would love to look at the pictures and see what Daniel, Joe-Joe, and the others actually look like c: happy reading

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