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Why I don’t like to pay full price for movies

March 17th, 2008 · 1 Comment · None

Last week was the GirlChild’s spring break.

She didn’t do very much. I think I’ve mentioned the BoyChild’s spring break is THIS week so we’ve not been free to take off and do anything.

One day she came to my office. My idea was she would shred some documents I need shredded. Instead, she spent the afternoon watching movies on NetFlicks on the computer and surfing the web.

One day she went shopping with the GranMan.

One day her friend came over and they did whatever 13 year old girls do when they hang out together.

One day she went to DogDoc and RangerDoc’s house to spend the night.

It has also been a busy week for me.

Tuesday night the BoyChild and I went to spend the night with the Baba and the GranMa. The BoyChild is old enough to go spend the night by himself, but with his behavioral problems, and his dietary restrictions and the different medicines he takes, it sometimes seems easier to just go spend the night with him than to try to explain, “today is his potato day, so he can have 2 ounces of potato chips with his dinner. Tomorrow he can’t have potatoes but he can have milk and rice.” So I go and manage his food and surf the web and read while the BoyChild and the GranMa play. It’s actually not a bad gig for me because they make few demands upon me and let me do pretty much what I want.

Wednesday I went to the public television station to answer the phone and take pledges with the lawyers. I’ve done that for years and I enjoy it. But I dropped the BoyChild off at school at 8:20, went to work and didn’t return home until 15 hours later. Long day.

Thursday night I took the GirlChild to the movie. I thought it would be fun to do because she didn’t have to get up and go to school. When I suggested it I didn’t realized I’d be going three days without being home for any length of time. So last night I came home and we ate. I got the BoyChild ready for bed and he read for me. David took over to read to the BoyChild, and the GirlChild and I went to the movie.

The movie we saw was College Road Trip. It was rated G and full of Disney stars.

With Martin Lawrence in it, I thought it had a lot of potential. It wasn’t unfortunatlley, a particularly good movie. A couple of times I pulled out my phone and checked my e-mail and read a blog or two.

I wouldn’t have been particularly disappointed had I spent a Friday night watching it on my sofa with the kids on the Disney Channel. I was really put out that I spent $17 for the tickets and $19.50 for the popcorn, candy and drinks that the GirlChild wanted for our Special Night Out.

I mean the GirlChild and I had a good time. And that in and of itself is worth something. But it certainly would have been nicer if it had actually been a good movie.


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  • 1 Goldberry // Mar 18, 2008 at 6:52 am

    I’m all about the FREE bonding spots. The park, the beach. But it seems the older they get, the more it costs. It costs more at the holidays. It costs more to hang out. I’m not looking forward to it, really.

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