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Cleaning Out the Spare Room

March 20th, 2008 · 2 Comments · None

I’ve begun working on cleaning out our spare bedroom.

It is a small room completely surrounded by windows. I would like to turn it into a guest bedroom/computer room/ family room of sorts. A lot to accomplish for such a small space, I know.

I’d really like to move the washer and dryer up here as well but I am afraid that would be too too much to ask of this small room.

It is full of boxes and crap that we have, but I don’t think we probably need or want anymore, but we’ve not yet gone through and gotten rid off. It’s a daunting task. We’ve lived here going on 8 years. Some of the stuff in the boxes was in our garage at the old house before we moved here. We didn’t have a garage here, so it had to come into the house.

There’s a basket of clothes back there. I picked some of the children’s clothing out of the basket and put it in the sack for the GoodWill or whichever agency has a drop off point between my house and my office. There were several coats for the children that are too small. A pair of cammie jammies my brother gave the BoyChild, some pants that were too small, a shirt that was too big. Miscellaneous stuff that we didn’t need or couldn’t wear anymore that had gotten laid into a laundry basket in the back. There are a bunch of David’s shirt in the basket. I suspect this basket started as his ironing basket and things just got out of hand.

The neighbor has offered to give us a futon. It belonged to his girlfriend, and she didn’t want it anymore, so he took it. But then wasn’t sure what he needed it for and was talking to David about putting it out for big junk pick up day. I decided it might just fit the bill for our spare room.

I’m generally against futon’s on principal, but it’s free and we don’t currently have anywhere for a guest to sleep unless they sleep with the children. Having done that recently, it’s not a great way to spend the night.

I’m having such a problem cleaning the room out. It’s mostly the sentimental stuff. Those cammie jammies my brother gave the BoyChild when he was 2 or 3 were so cute. I looked at them and was reminded of how small he was and how much he’s grown.

We have boxes of things the GirlChild made when she was small. Elbow macaroni art. Turkeys made from her tiny little hands.

I don’t know whether it’s that he doesn’t particularly like to do art, or that he’s just not been at places where they were so hands on creative, but the BoyChild doesn’t seem to have as much stuff as the GirlChild does. We have the dreidel he made out of an envelope and decorated with stickers. And we have the menorah he made out of his tiny hands. But they’ve been hanging in my kitchen so long they are just beginning to look sad.

I have letters. Ones I wrote to David and David wrote to me. I’ve not looked at them since. Well, I can’t really remember when. Will the kids WANT to read them someday? Will we want them to read them some day?

I have boxes of photos. Back from the day when you actually had to have pictures developed to see them. They are some from my very first trip far away all alone. Do I really need 45 pictures of fish I took while snorkeling in Hawaii?

So, I’m making compromises with myself. I go through the boxes of photos and get rid of a bunch. The anonymous fish. I have five pictures of the same bay; I threw four away. I went through the GirlChild’s art and culled out the best stuff. I will go through that again to see if it’s really worth keeping in another week or ten days.

It’s slow going, but it’s getting done.

Now to get David motivated to clean out HIS boxes of stuff that have been in boxes since before we were married almost 18 years ago.


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  • 1 Dani // Mar 20, 2008 at 12:41 pm

    My mom still has all of the holiday artwork I made when I was little. And I’m going on 22. And my best friend’s parents have his as well and he just turned 26.

    Its hilarious to stop by at Christmas time, and remember how uncoordinated we all were. Especially considering that I’m about to graduate with a Bachelors of Fine Arts. Heh.

    As for the photos. I get rid of the really horrible blurry ones, but I keep all of the others. And all of the cards we’ve given each other and mix cds long past when they’ve been loaded on my computer.

    Mainly because I love to see those things from my family. And I want my kids to have things like that too.

    Good luck, cleaning out lots of sentimental stuff is a rough task.

  • 2 FENICLE // Mar 21, 2008 at 8:26 pm

    We’ve been going through our stuff as well to move. I keep so much stuff….and have a hard time getting rid of things I know I can’t keep forever. My husband has not ties to things and could care less about “things” – but I am the opposite.

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