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The Sickness Is Having Her Way with Everyone

February 20th, 2008 · 1 Comment · Family Life, You want whine with that

Man I hate this time of year.

It is cold. They are predicting ANOTHER ice storm. Admittedly none of the recently predicted ice storms have actually turned into much. But still. One could. Do you remember this?

And the cold? I’m so tired of being cold. Wearing sweat pants and sweat shirts to sleep in. Because it’s COLD! Have I mentioned that? And I live in an 80 year old drafty house.

And the illnesses. They are making the rounds. It’ll probably be awhile before everyone in our house is well at the same time. I was bragging to someone that we’d all managed to stay well through the month of January. God has decided I was MUCH too cocky about that and has fixed that for us.

The BoyChild. He has the strep. He is on his second round of antibiotics.

Four days after getting the first round of antibiotics, he developed a terrible cough. That’s NEVER a good sign. So back to the doctor we went. And a new antibiotic resulted.

I haven’t been to work out in going on ten days.

First there was the upset stomach. Then there was the general fatigue. Now there is the sore throat. Not a dibilating, can’t eat for the pain, sore throat. Just a pesky, it hurts sore throat.

I went to the doctor on Monday.

Monday was a holiday. That is a great day to go to the doctor because apparently the doctor’s office didn’t get the word that it was a holiday. Called in the morning. Had an appointment later that morning. Got in. Got out.

Unfortunately, the doctor said there wasn’t anything wrong she could help me with. She did a strep culture; which luckily came back negative and gave me a renewed sympathy for the BoyChild. She said take Tylenol for the pain. Drink plenty of fluids. Get as much rest as possible.

The BoyChild seems to be on the mend, though he still has that pesky cough.

David now seems to have the same throat thing I’ve got. Again, not take to your bed debilitating, just irritating.

The GirlChild has complained, at various times, of the same things; upset stomach, sore throat, general fatigue. But. Knock wood here. She’s not come down with anything, except for that one time earlier in the month where she ran a fever and felt like crap for 24 hours and then bounced back.

Which is about par for the course.

Because at my house, the kids get sick for 24 hours and the grown ups will be sick for two weeks. I’ve still got four or five more days to go.


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