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Grocery Shopping

August 24th, 2007 · 1 Comment · Allergies, Cooking

The grocery shopping. It is getting me down.

Some of it is this Gluten/Corn/Dairy Free-No artificial colors flavors or preservatives thing.

This diet means EVERYTHING has to be made from scratch with crappy flours and lots of sugar, oil and eggs and not a whole lot of flavor. It also means I am very limited on ingredients. So I’m constantly racking my brain trying to think of things that a five year old will eat that can be made from the ingrediens we have available.
The cost of all this makes me cringe. You’d think, since we can no longer go out to dinner as often, that our food costs would have gone down. But in fact, they’ve gone up.

Larabars and BumbleBars cost more than $20 a case. We can go through a case and a half in a week easy.

Macaroon’s cost $4 for a can of 18; the kids can gobble up one of those in about 45 seconds.

Cookie mixes cost $7 for a mix that will make 20-24 cookies. The kids can have the first twelve eaten before the second twelve come out of the oven.

I could buy some of this at Amazon for a tiny bit less but I have to buy them in groups of six. So I have to buy one to make sure that it’s good, cause a lot of this stuff really isn’t very tasty. And then I can go on line to buy them at a little less cost. It doesn’t strike me as quite fair to the Homeland or whoever buys and makes this stuff available locally.

Everyone but me misses bread. And let me tell you, GF Bready is YUCKY with a capital Y. And it’s expensive, with an inexpensive loaf costing in excess of $4. And I’m not talking about a regular sized loaf of bread, I’m talking about a tiny loaf that only has 8-10 thin slices in it.

And then there is the constant-ness of it. Every week. Week in and week out. I have to think of things to fix. Things that are new and different that everyone will eat.

Since the BoyChild’s diet is so limited, I’ve been trying to have fruit with our meals. Except the fruits he can eat is limited because a fair number of fruits have natural salicylates something else we are avoiding. And getting him to try new fruits is a challenge of enormous proportions. Right now, the only fruit he’ll eat with any consistency is pears. I always wonder what the checker at the grocery store thinks when I come through with 10 cans of pineapple and 20 cans of pears.

Casseroles are mostly out now too. Recipes like this chicken casserole use to be staples at my house. But the ingredients contain too many things which are no longer in our diet; cream of mushroom soup, cheese, the seasonings, the green peppers. And while I might be able to substitute ONE ingredient, it’s impossible to substitute half the ingredients and have it come out tasting anything like what it’s suppose to taste.

So I have to rack my brains to make my list. And rack my brains to make a menu. And rack my brains to think of things for the kids to eat for lunch and snacks. And by the time I get finished racking my brain for all that, I’m racked out.

The Grocery Shopping, it is getting me down.


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  • 1 Lisa H // Aug 28, 2007 at 3:14 pm

    I will see if one of my friends can send you some of her recipes; she has kids with a fair number of allergies as well (although not all in one kid, like yours; hers are spread across three kids). She makes excellent food though. I have no idea how she does it.

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