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I think I love me some latex

August 13th, 2007 · 4 Comments · Cooking

Last week my sister’s office was having a “snack day.” That’s where everyone brings a snacky sort of thing and they all share. It’s a nice concept and, assuming you aren’t dieting, could be a great way to try a lot of different things.

I offered to help her make these. Though after my last debacle, I also made it contingent upon her getting me some gloves or figuring out how to not make my hands burn.

If this isn’t something you have experienced, this burning from peppers. It is like something out of a horror movie. “Aaaarrrgggg my hands are on ffffiiiiirrrrreeeee!” I mean it really is like that. And it makes you a little paranoid. “Oh God! I can’t touch any tender bits!” So, until the burning stops, you sit around afraid to do anything with your hands, but hold them splayed out while they burn.

Oh and while I’m talking about them again, I looked up what it is that causes the heat in jalapeño peppers. It is capsaicin. You can read all about it here. You’ll probably learn far more than you ever really wanted to know.


So my sister brought the makings for the jalapeño popper thingies. Wikipedia has them referred to as Armadillo Eggs, which I kind of like, but unless the person you are talking to knows that they are jalapeño peppers stuffed with cream cheese you are still going to have to explain, so I’m not sure giving them some obscure name is a good idea. Included in the makings was a box of powder-less, latex gloves.

I was a bit unsure at first. But I put them on and it was like heaven! If I needed to do something else, I stripped them off and tossed them into the trash. If I didn’t want to take them off, I washed them with soap while wearing them. I could pick up greasy bacon to wrap stuffed jalapeño peppers and not get my hands all yucky. I didn’t get any of that nasty capsaicin on me and didn’t have any episodes of flailing my hands about saying, “make it stop burning!”

And you know what? You can use those latex gloves for cooking other things! Need to mix a meatloaf? Throw on some gloves and dive right in. No egg under the fingernails! No meat stuck to my cuticles! It was heaven.

When my sister came over she was grousing that Walgreen’s had the latex gloves $3.99 a box or 3/$10. It kind of irked her to pay that extra 66 cent a box when she could have had THREE BOXES for $10. We joked at the time that that would be a lot of plastic gloves and we’d never use that many!

Ha! Little did she know I would become so in llllllooooovvvvveeeee with them. I wear them all the time. In the kitchen. While I’m cooking I mean. Lest you think something kinky.

Yesterday I made a meat loaf. Pulled those babies out and put them on. Never had to have that yucky raw meat or the eggs or veggies touch my skin.

Last night I made salmon patties. I love salmon patties but hate making them. I H.A.T.E. having the salmon and egg and cracker crumbs (but I used grated potato, brown rice flour and salt because we don’t have any gluten/dairy free cracker crumbs in the house which may have been another reason I wasn’t making salmon patties lately) on my hands cause it takes forever to get the smell off my skin.

Last night I also made potato pancakes. Mixed those babies up with my latex covered hands. It was heavenly.

I’ve even used them to clean up with. Snap those mittens on and scrub away.

Oh I love me some latex in the very best way!


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  • 1 missmamamoon // Aug 13, 2007 at 10:05 pm

    If we had Walgreen’s here, I’d be there tomorrow. Home Depot it is! Sweet suggestions!

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    […] NOW. Why didn’t she send me some? Of course, she found a way to make the burning stop by falling in love with latex gloves but that entry had me drooling over salmon patties and potato pancakes. Her blog is so […]

  • 3 Roz // Aug 14, 2007 at 10:58 am

    I found you through MsZoot. Thought I would pass on a tip, that came from my mother in law many years ago. She lived in New Mexico most of her life and dealt with chiles of various kinds all the time. Of course, gloves are best, but should you need to handle chiles without the benefit of gloves, wash your hands very well with something like Dawn dish detergent that has a good degreaser, and then wash them again with alcohol. What is causing the burn is the oil from the chiles and those things clear out the oils. When eating chiles, or anything hot, chase it with beer (if you drink alcohol, because it also has the alcohol that cuts the oils from your mouth, or if you don’t drink, milk works also, for some unknown reason. Water actually can make the burning worse, as it thins and spreads the oils! Hope this helps if you ever don’t have gloves! I learned it because I thought I would be a “good” wife and when given an abundance of Jalapenos from someones garden, I decided to clean and freeze them for future mexican dishes that my husband would enjoy…I cried for HOURS before calling my mother in law and asking if she had a solution!

  • 4 mamacita tina // Aug 15, 2007 at 5:02 pm

    Those little babies look awesome, will have to try the recipe. Latex gloves, they may become a staple item in our household too. Good tip!

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