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Geepers Peepers

February 27th, 2017 · No Comments · Family Life

Last week I went to the eye doctor.  My eye pressure was low. Which is good.  Yah me!

Jacob and I got new glasses.

These are mine.  They also have sunglasses which have a magnet on them.

Pretty cool.  Huh? I had the no-line bifocals before.  They were nice and I didn’t have any trouble making the transition to them.  The lined ones are going to take more getting used to but I already feel like I’m figuring them out.  The eye insurance would pay for the lined bifocals but the no-line ones had a pretty low limit of what they’d pay for, so I

I also got some contacts to try.  Not really much to see there.  Because I have bifocals, you can see the tear dropped shapes in the glasses above, I also had to get readers.

These are the really high powered readers.  I think they are 3.25.

These, without the sparkly things in the corners, are the 1.5 power.

My doctor said I’d need a pair for stitching, hence the 3.25 power and a pair for working on the computer.  These were only $1 so I can lose them with abandon!  The sparkley parts were so I could tell the powers apart.  I see lots of fashion accessory potential there.

And, of course, I needed sunglasses.

Jacob gave me these.  He said aviator glasses were in style now.  And I’m not a fashion maven who is aware of such things, so I must take his word for it.

The 3.25 power glasses are da’bomb for stitching!  The others are just o.k.  I mean reading the computer is a necessity in my life, but nothing to write home about.  Now, hopefully, since I can see again, I will be able to stitch more.


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