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July 20th, 2016 · No Comments · Stuff I love

This weekend I went to the mall with my sister, so she could get her hair cut.

While I was there, I hit the Sephora store.

I replaced some of my eye pencils that I’d used up or that had gone missing.  I got a dark brown matt, café au lait and  secret boudoir.  I’m not very adventuresome.  That is brown, taupe and cream in normal person speak.  I like these stubby pencils.  They are waterproof  but they give you a minute or two to smudge them.  After that, it’s get out the eye make up remove!  It really comes in handy in this awful heat we have here.  I like to use these pencils as a base for my eye makeup.  I cover these with the same colors from my Urban Decay collections.  I’m thinking I may need to go back and get something with a little more color for when I’m feeling fun and need to wear makeup.  The greens and blues are striking and go with with brown eyed girls.

I’ve not worn or bought much make up recently, graduate school didn’t seem to require it or call for it.  I’ve not been replacing them as they’ve been used up or gone missing.  But now that I’m back into the ‘real’ world, as opposed to the ‘school’ world, I need to up my makeup game.

I’m really wanting to try these products:

Marc Jacobs Foundation.

Marc Jacobs Foundation

It has a very nice feel.  It is suppose to be long wearing.  When I’ve tried it in the store, it doesn’t look like I’m wearing any makeup at all.  It isn’t too yellow.

Sephora Cheek Ink Gel

Sephora cheek ink gel


This comes in six colors.  It reminds me of a stain/blush that Clinique had that I loved.

I hate it when makeup companies discontinue things I really like.

Kat Von D has some wonderful eye show collections.  I’m not sure whether this makeup brand even existed when I started graduate school.  I did try some of the foundation, but it seems to run a little yellow on me.  I read that KVD was reformulating her line, to make it vegan, I think.  Maybe she’ll go toward some more neutral colors.

Color correcting has become a thing.  I don’t think that was a thing, or wasn’t something I’d paid much attention to if it was, when I started graduate school.

Garv3YardGirl even has her own make up now!

I need a job stat, so I can go back to buying makeup!  I feel like I’ve missed so much.

Disclaimer:  None of these wonderful makeup brands knows me from Adam.  These just happen to be stuff I like and no one has paid me anything to say that.  I borrowed the pictures from Sephora.  I hope they don’t mind.


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