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One down, two more to go

July 15th, 2016 · No Comments · Needlepoint

Last night (or was it the night before, my days seem to run together this summer) I finished the ornament stocking for my niece.


My general ramblings on this piece while I can remember it.

One of five or six ornament stockings painted by Anne Stradel from ABS Designs.  I do them for the children in my family.  Or I did.  Yes that says 2013, don’t judge; graduate school brought my life and hobbies to a screeching halt.

The cuff, toe and heel were the same thread but different colors.  Silk Lame Braid.  I think I should have done them in the same color and it would have tied it together better.  Not gonna take anything out though, just use it as a good lesson.

This is painted on 18 hpi canvas.  The name, scarf and date are stitched in Vineyard Silk Classic (the web site appears to be down, I’ll update with a link if I remember later).  I’m not sure of the color because I’ve already moved that thread to someplace else.  The penguin is done in Petite Very Velvet in V602-White and V-601-Black.  The nose and flipper are Pepper Pot Silk Clementine-32.

The cuff is Silk Lame Braid in White.  I did Basketweave around the name and then Nobuko around that.  Probably more work and effort than actually shows up, even in real life.

The background is Scotch Stitch in alternating colors; Vineyard Silk Classic-Lavender-#-C-097 and Neon Rays+ in NP07.  I like the color combination.  I like the Scotch Stitch because it stitches up quickly and is easy to compensate.  Took less than a full skein of the VSC but a whole card of the Neon Rays+.  I only had about six inches of the stuff left.  I’d bought another card a week or so ago because I was afraid of running out, but I didn’t.

The packages are done in Fyre Werks in F-36 for the blue and a red ribbon that comes on a long cardboard spool and doesn’t have any identifying information on it.  Annoy only if you run out.  The ribbons on the package are Kreinik 002HL and Petite Sparkle Rays-PS28 pulled from my stash.

20160521_131756_26547735524_o 20160521_130755_27084992901_o

These are the two I’ve already done.  Besides taking me a lot longer than I’d anticipated,<ahem, graduate school> I’m please with the ornaments.

What do you think?

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