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Chap Stick is Anti Aging?

February 3rd, 2015 · No Comments · Family Life

Who knew?

Chap Stick

I mean, I guess I knew in a general sense that soft lips were young looking and dry lips were…unattractive, but anti-aging chap stick?  En-biggen the picture, the one on the right says “anti-aging” right there in the red dot.

Usually, I buy the regular, old fashioned, chap stick.  In the bulk packages of 3 or 6 or however many you can buy at one time.  Because I always have to have a chap stick with me.

Chap Stick

But this Sunday while I was out, I had a coupon, and it was on sale, and I was there buying some hair products that were on sale too.  So, I bought these two.

The web page is calling them Duel-Ended Hydration Lock.  One end is “moisturizing,” the other end is “renew” on one.  The other is “night” and “day.”  The “day” one has an SPF 12.

I use lots and lots of chap stick.  I’m not sure whether I am genetically predisposed to having dry lips or what, but I almost always have something on hand to put on my lips.  I’ve tried a lot of the lip moisturizing products but almost always come back to plain old chap stick.

For a little while last year I was on a quest for a lip gloss that had moisturizing properties and that I didn’t have to reapply all the time.  I didn’t really find that and gave up that quest.  I didn’t like the tacky way it made my lips feel.  None of them were really moisturizing.  I felt like I needed to reapply them about every 15 minutes.  It felt vain to be putting shiny stuff on my lips all the time.

I’ve tried all four ends on the two Dual-Ended Hydration Lock.  My general impression is they are pretty nice.  They aren’t twice as big as a regular chap stick, so I’m assuming there isn’t twice as much product as you would get in a regular chap stick.  But what is there seems nice.   The “renew” side of the one seems a little gritty; noticeable but not irritating.  The moisture side is very nice; smooth, moisturizing, not too greasy.  The moisture side of the one stick and the night side of the other feel very similar to me.  The day side feels very nice as well.  None have a bad or bitter taste to them.  I really appreciate that because some of those lip moisturizers taste nasty.

I think at $3.49 each, they may be a little expensive to carry around in my pocket, purse or backpack.   To sit on my bedside and be my night time go to lip moisturizer, maybe.

I think next I’d like to try their other new product, the Hydration Lock.

Disclosure:  Chapstick did not pay me or provide me with anything to write this.  In fact, I doubt Chapstick knows that I exsist.


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