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Makeup I’ve been loving this summer!

August 25th, 2012 · No Comments · Family Life

It seems like I change my make up frequently.

Do other people do that? I mean I don’t necessarily fall out of love with a particular product, or anything, I just kind of move on to something else without thinking about it much.

Some of it is the seasons. I tend to wear different makeup in the fall and winter than in the spring and summer. Then when it’s time to make the change back from spring and summer to fall and winter, I guess I forget what I was using and try something else.

This summer I picked up a couple of samples of Origins VitaZing SPF 15 Energy-Boosting Moisturizer with Mangosteen


on one of my trips to Sephora.

I almost passed this up. Origins has always been a little too “earthy” for me. But the guy at Sephora assured me it was a great moisturizer and who can pass up great, right? So I tried it.

The thing that they don’t really talk about on the web page or mention anywhere is that it can be worn like a light foundation. It goes on white, sort of like a sun screen, and it has SPF 15, but as you spread it around, it sort of attunes itself to the color of your skin. Add a little blush, a little powder and my face is done.

It stays on too. I’ve tried other tinted moisturizers before. None of them seemed to have much staying power. By lunch time, I look like I just rolled out of bed, put on my eye makeup and forgot the rest. I am not a “touch up your makeup at lunch” sort of girl either. I get one shot in the morning and it’s got to hold me all day.  This really does the trick.

The powder I’ve been using also came from Sephora.  It is their HD Microfinish Powder.


I got this in a kit I bought at Sephora. It came with a really soft Kabuki Brush.  A little of this goes a long way.  It makes my face feel soft, sets my makeup (or in my case this summer my tinted moisturizer) and wears beautifully.  It looks white but goes on transulant.  You can barely tell it is there, except it makes your face feel really soft and not like you are wearing powder at all.

I don’t just wear makeup from Sephora (though admittedly I really like their stuff). This summer I also tried Revlon’s Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain.


It comes in 12 colors (I picked Crush a wine sort of color). I often put it on, and then put my lipstick on over it. That way, when my lipstick wears off, I’ve still got some color. But sometimes, I wear it alone and it is just a sheer wash of color. It’s got a kind of minty taste I don’t particularly like, but it’s not so bad, and doesn’t last so long, that it is truly bothersome.

What are your favorite new products this summer?

*Picture shamelessly borrowed from Sephora.
**Picture shamelessly borrowed from Revlon.

Disclaimer:  Neither Revlon nor Sephora has any idea who I am or that I’d decided to write about their products.  No mony has changed hands nor have any products been provided.


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