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In addition to being a cake pop failure. . .

December 22nd, 2011 · 1 Comment · Family Life

I didn’t give up after my cake pop failure.

I soldiered on trying to make something pretty and tasty.   I made exactly one of these after several  botched efforts.

They were hard to make, the bark stuff wasn’t that tasty, the oreos broke and/or fell off the sticks, the oreos fell  into the bark stuff while I was trying to coat them and then broke and the smile was harder to make than I would have anticipated.   So I said, “oh to hell with it!” and bought the ingredients to make my old standby, Magic Bars.

I threw them together, I cut them into squares, put them into pretty boxes and sent them to the BoyChild’s school.  They marked them $4 a box and all told I think I raised $32 for his school’s fund raiser.  Probably less money than I actually spent trying to make something pretty.  I would have written them a check, but they never give me that option.  Since I’m not in charge, and god knows I don’t want to be in charge, I do what they tell me no matter how ludacris it sounds.

Afterwards, I was kinda glad because all my boxes of Magic Bars sold, very early in the fund raiser, while some of the pretty, fancy, stuff didn’t sell at all.

Some day I will learn to stick with what works.  Until then, will someone please remind me of this exercise in craziness next year.


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  • 1 Lannagirl // Jan 5, 2012 at 11:07 pm

    yes, cake pops are a a hit in theory. But they ARE a flop in reality. When I saw the commercial, I kidded my husband by saying , “I think I would just eat the cake balls and not decorate them. Looks yummy!” Good thing I’m satisfied with THAT. Because they don’t work. :( Too bad – because I was really excited about them too!

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