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Mary Kay Sampling Program

December 8th, 2011 · No Comments · Family Life

Disclosure:  Mary Kay sent me the products but I was not required to write about the products and I was provided no other compensation for writing this. All opinions are my own.

I signed up a few months ago to try some Mary Kay products.

I don’t recall if they asked what colors I wanted, or what, but they sent me some fabulous things that have worked out great for me.

I received three eye shadows, a blush, a container to hold those items, a lipstick and a mascara.

For me, I don’t really need very much more; or I guess I should say I don’t really wear very much. I wear foundation sometimes, tinted moisturizer sometimes, but more often, more recently, a mineral powder which I put on with a Kabuki Brush. Since I’ve started running so much, people have commented about how good my skin looks. When it looks good, I go light on the makeup.

The blush they sent was a Mineral Cheek Color in the Cherry Blossom.

I’ve tried several of the mineral makeup products before and honestly I thought they were kind of blah.  I know a lot of people *LOVE* them but I haven’t been one of their converts.  But I liked this stuff.    The Cherry Blossom is a good color for me.  It appears, when you look at it to have a lot of sparkle, but when you put it on, it just adds subtle color with a tiny bit of sparkle.  The color is “buildable.” So if you want more drama, darker color, brush a little more on.  The blush goes on and stays on all day.  No mean feat for someone who touches her face as much as I do.

The eye shadow is also a Mineral Eye Color; they sent Sweet Cream, Silver Satin and Iris. Again they were all were great colors for me.  The Sweet Cream is a neutral that I wear all over from lash to brow, the Iris is a purplish color I wear as an accent on the crease of my eye and the Silver Satin I use as a liner under my lower lashes with a liner brush.  The colors look great on me with my brown eyes and dark brown hair.

More importantly, I think, this stuff stays in place all day long.  I wear it running (for no other reason than I’m too lazy to take it off before I go) and as long as I’ve not had to wipe sweat out of my eyes, it is still there when I get home.

Mary Kay sells their products without a case.  They sent me a Compact Mini to put my blush and eye shadow in.  It has a nice mirror and the compact lifts and small brushes are stowed underneath.  I have my own makeup brushes and didn’t open the small ones they included.  It would be tough but in a pinch, if I’d forgotten mine, I probably could use them.  The Compact Mini really seems too small to me.  I always feel like I’m getting my blush brush in my eye shadow.  I’d like something a little larger with more space between the eye shadow and the blush.

I don’t wear lipstick a lot.  Having used Mary Kay lipsticks in the past, I was a little leery of this one.  The Mary Kay lipsticks I’d tried in the past had a taste that I really didn’t like.  This Creme lipstick in Fuchsia didn’t have any bad taste at all.  It lasted pretty well; I put it on when I left home, had a meeting with a client where I did most of the talking and it was still there when I went to the restroom at 11:00.  That’s pretty good staying power for me.

I was happy with all the items they sent, but the thing that impressed me the most (and caused me to go out and actually buy with my own money two of their other types) was the mascara.  In another life, before I had children, private school tuition, braces, glasses and all the other things that go along with kids I use to wear expensive mascara.  Since I can’t afford expensive mascaras any more, I am always on the prowl for inexpensive good mascaras.

Honestly, I don’t now remember which mascara they sent me.  but I’ve bought two others and I use them pretty interchangably.  I have the Ultimate Mascara, the Lash Lenghtening Mascara and the Waterproof Mascara.  One of those is $15 and the other two cost $10 each which is a great price for  a good mascara.

I have lots of lashes I just wish (I mean who doesn’t) that they were longer.    All three do a good job of making them look longer though I think the Lash Lenghtening one probably does the best job (duh!) at it.  Oh and I guess I’ve bought another product from them since because I also bought theiry oil free eye make up remover.  Not because I needed it to remove their mascaras but because it is relatively inexpensive, I needed it and the woman I buy from works with my sister.  She’s worked with her for a long time, but this is the first time I think I’ve bought  from her before.

So.  I’m not sure how well this May Kay Campaign has been about getting others to try the products, but it’s been great for getting me to try more of their products.


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