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Weekly Weigh In

August 17th, 2011 · No Comments · Family Life

I lost 2.8 pounds this week.

Yes, I’m a little flabbergasted by it too.

I ate almost all of my activity points.  It was harder than you would think.  Last night I sent my husband to City Bites for a 10 point cookie .  I had regular potato chips, Giradella chocolate squares,  ice cream  and something I’d not had in a long time:  Pepsi.

I did manage to work a few healthy foods into my diet.  I ate a lot of veggies, or at least more than I had been eating.

I tried to work veggies into every dinner whether it was something I would normally make a veggie for or not.  For instance, last night we had Chicken Quesadillas for dinner.  Normally, I wouldn’t fix a veggie with that though occasionally (usually depending on how tired I am) I would saute some peppers, onions and mushrooms to go along with them.  So last night I ate baked broccoli and Chicken Quesadillas and fresh salsa.  I’d already had veggies on my sandwich at lunch, carrots with my Hungry Girl Hummas made with canellini beans instead of chick peas, broccoli and about 3/4 of a cup of fresh salsa on my Chicken Quesadillas.

Eating more veggies last week helped me work the healthy oils into my diet.  I brushed the broccoli with olive oil and sprinkled it with salt  and baked it.  I used olive oil in the marinade for the tilapia we had.  I used good oils in the Pad Thai I fixed.

I drank my water.  Until I started making a conscious effort to drink more, I’d not realized how much my water drinking had fallen off.  I have a 36 ounce water bottle that sits at my desk.  When I’m really pushing the water, I could drink 3 of those in a normal day.  I’d gotten down to drinking one or even less than one a day.  Not good at all.

Now, I have to just keep it up.  And the topic for next week’s meeting is pushing through the plateaus.  Think that one is being done just for me?


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