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I’m like a Russian Serf

June 23rd, 2011 · No Comments · Weight Watchers

I went in for my annual exam this week.  I am like a Russian Serf, solid but healthy.

My cholesterol was 179 my HDL 38, my LDL 104 and my triglycerides were 184.  For anyone keeping score, last time I had it checked (about 18 months ago) my total choleserol was 158, my HDL was 43, my LDL was 86 and my triglycerides were 146.   I know this because I wrote it down on a post it note and it was sitting in my desk drawer.

At WW on Wednesday I was down 5.4 pounds.  I guess last week’s gain was just water retention.

I’m still not at my 10% last since starting WW.  Hopefully I’ll hit that next week.  Next week will also be 16 weeks in WW.  I think I get a reward for that; I should if I don’t.  I’m also almost down below the weight I couldn’t get below the last time I was in WW 10 or more years ago.   I don’t have any illusions that the weight will just fall off, it is kind of heady to be at a weight I haven’t seen in more than 10 years.

In that regard, I’ve been “shopping” my closet this week.  The clothes I normally wear (does everyone else wear the same five outfits over and over and over again or is it just me?) have gotten WAY too big, so I’ve been digging out stuff I couldn’t wear in awhile.  David picked up some of the pants I’ve been wearing from the cleaners yesterday and I think I’ll send them to SVdP.

It’s odd how this dieting and exercising has been dominating my life.  I really am not capable of doing much more than three things at a time.


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