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Another Weight Watchers Weigh in

May 18th, 2011 · 2 Comments · Family Life

Down another 1.4 pounds!

To say I was surprised would have been an understatement.  I went in just hoping I’d not gained too much.

This has been a hard week.  I can’t really explain it.

I’ve not had as much time to exercise (and I can’t really explain why that is) so I’m only running about every other day.

I’ve had a few “bad” eating days.

One just crept up on me.

We went to the river trails to run.  On the way home we stopped at Subway and got a sandwich.  Then we stopped at CityBites to get the BoyChild a cookie.  And I got one for me because I was down on my points for the day.  I dutifully looked up the nutritional information on the cookie.  The cookie was a freaking 12 points!  But I had the 12 points to spare.  So I cut it in half and ate it.  Then I cut the half in half and at that.  And then I ate the last quarter.

I don’t know if I’ve shared with you that evenings are my toughest time.  Eating during the day is NOT my weakness.  Eating at night is.

And the triggers?  Have a I talked about them?  There are just certain foods which push me over the edge.  CityBites cookies are apparently one of those triggers.  So I prceeded to eat 2 servings of baked potato chips and two World’s Finest Chocolate bars.  So that day came in at 57 points.

Then there was the one I planned.   On Saturday night we have a “free” night.  And by that I mean when we were just dieting, before WW, that we would have one day, or night, where we could eat anything and not worry about the calories.  Since joining WW, I’ve continued the tradition, but since we have FlexPoints which we can use anytime, I’ve tried to keep track of what I eat and write down the points.  So.  Saturday nigh?  Conservatively?  I think I ate 56 points.

And then Sunday night?  I just couldn’t get satisified.  So I ate some ham, I ate some graham crackers.  I added some peanut butter to the graham crackers.  I ate some Baked Lay’s.  I ate some chewy granola bars.  I didn’t keep track, but my best guess is I ate my way through an additional 15-20 points.  And this was after I’d used all my daily points.

So.  This was a good weight loss week.  Considering.

And this coming week?  I’m going to exercise more and eat less.  Cause that’s really what it’s all about.


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  • 1 Emily // May 19, 2011 at 7:35 am

    I stumbled upon your blog and as another WW person (I’ve reached goal once and put 15 back on) I just wanted to say good job. It works, I’ve been back on plan for 3 weeks and have already dropped 4 of my 15.

  • 2 Homestead // May 20, 2011 at 11:44 am

    Totally hear you on the evening eating. Also my downfall.

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