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Weight In Day

March 23rd, 2011 · 1 Comment · Exercising, Weight Loss Journey, Weight Watchers

Today was weight in days at Weight Watchers.  I am down, according to their scales, 2 pounds.  According to my scales  I’m down 2.8.  The difference is probably my clothes.

On one hand, I’m feeling,

  • 2 pounds!  Go me!

On the other hand I think,

  • I went to the health club 5 times in the last week and worked out for more than three hours to only lose two pounds?!?
  • I was sick one of those days (everyone in our house was felled by a stomach bug) and ate almost nothing and I only lost two pounds?!?
  • I’ve eaten below my points almost every day and only lost two pounds?!?

This is not REALLY a bad loss for me.  Since I started my weight loss journey, I’ve lost 16.8 pounds.  That averages out to about 2.4 pounds a week.  So 2 to 2.8 pounds is a good loss for me.

Even with only a two pound weight loss (or 2.8 if you go by my scales) I like WW.

They have some really yummy “flavored snack bars”  that are only two points and low in calories.  They satisify that craving for chocolate in a relatively painless way.

The new points plus system doesn’t count calories.  I find that a bit disconcerting .  Instead it relies on some combination of Carbs, Protein, Fat and Fiber.  Also, it gives me a WHOLE bunch of points for the day (one advantage of being fat I suppose) and then it also gives “anytime” points which you can use anytime you go over your daily points.  And then there are activity points which can be used anytime during the week too.  The only down side to this system is that the activity points fall off on weight-in day and you have to start over.   So yesterday I had something like 43 activity points and today I have none.

But the real test of my weight loss journey?  I am wearing, comfortably I might add, a pair of pants that as recent as last week were too tight for me to comfortably wear.  Now that’s progress!


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  • 1 carmen // Mar 28, 2011 at 7:24 am

    Awesome! I am so proud of you! I was just talking to Esra and telling her that we need to join WW. I am so excited for you. You Go Girl!

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