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Choose the Shoes!

September 10th, 2009 · 3 Comments · Family Life

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Oh Internets! I need your wide breadth of knowledge!

About a month ago, on August 1 to be exact, I went to the health club to exercise. While I’d not been doing as well as I did during Lent (I did sixty-six miles in 40 days and was sick when I started and had that nasty infected blister when I finished) but I’d been exercising.  Some.   That evening my foot began to hurt.

It didn’t get better and it didn’t get better and it didn’t get better.

And you know. I didn’t want another situation like when I broke my toe a year and a half ago. My primary care physician said, “oh you need to see an orthopedic.” And I said, “is there anything an orthopedic can do for a broken toe?” And she said “oh you need to see an orthopedic.” So I went to see the orthopedic. Who kept me waiting forever. No lie I had a 7:45 appointment. I had to be in Court at 10:00. He showed up at 9:30 while I was getting ready to leave because I HAD TO BE IN COURT AT 10:00. You know what happened then? He taped it up again and said, “come back in six weeks and we’ll see how it’s doing.” Man I’d been doing that! I needed to pay him $200 and waste 2 hours of my day for THAT?

Anyway. I kept thinking my foot would get better. But it didn’t.   I finally broke down and made an appointment with the podiatrist. You know the guy who cut open that nasty blister I got during my running stint during Lent.

Well he poked and prodded on my foot and said, “I’m going to give you a cortisone shot and wrap your foot and then you can come back in a couple of weeks and hopefully the pain will be gone and we can talk about supports.” Then he whips out this inch and a half long needle and poked it into the bottom of my foot. Let me tell you. That. Hurt.

Anyway. The bad news. The really bad news? He told me not to go barefooted anymore. If I was going to be up walking around, I needed to be wearing shoes.   And I go barefooted All.The.Time.

He suggested, of all things, Crocs for just walking around the house.  And while I’ll admit they have gotten some better, Crocs are just plain ugly.

So dear Internets.  Tell me.  What kind of comfy house shoes, with good arch support, that I wouldn’t be embarrassed to run to the grocery store in, should I buy?

Links to where I can find them would get you bonus points.  Inexpensive ones would make me love you forever.


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  • 1 Rayne // Sep 10, 2009 at 8:22 am

    Birkenstocks and Crocs are my around the house shoes. Lands end sells some tennis shoe/clog type shoes that I also wear, and they are less expensive but not as good support as Birks.

  • 2 Nadine // Sep 10, 2009 at 3:45 pm

    OH Thank All that is Good And Holy!! Down with Crocs!!!!
    I have a problem with this too. I’m barefoot most of the time. Yeah I Know I’m all about shoes. But since I don’t work, I go barefoot.
    And When I FINALLY put on a shoe ….heels….I feel like a duck outta water!
    But yes, we should wear shoes with support.
    Go with Rayne’s suggestions. I have some Born shoes that I love….but I don’t know about Houseshoes. I found a pair of wedge Borns slip ons just the other day….at a resale store. Try shopping in a resale store, some of the better ones. Not all are like Goodwill.

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