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Rules to Live By

December 31st, 2011 · Family Life

I’m looking for Rules To Live By for an article I’m thinking about doing for the State Bar Publication.  Sort of the “never ask a woman when her baby is due unless she herself has told you she is pregnant becuase you have about a 50/50 chance she’ll respond, “I’m not pregnant, I’m just fat.” or something like that.

Since this is my game, I’ll start.

One rule, specific to anyone who actually goes to a Courthouse is:  When you meet someone you know in a Courthouse, you NEVER, EVER ask them “what are you doing here?”  They will tell you, in great detail, much more than you ever wanted to know.  This applies to other lawyers as well, especially those you don’t see at the Courthouse on a regular basis.  Unless it’s the guy you suspect lives in a closet in the basement, just.don’t.ask.    A lesson I learned the hard way.

You can e-mail me at mandco (at) myowncircleofconfusion (dot) com.   If you have any funny stories about how you learned your Rule to Live By,  I’d love to hear those too.

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In addition to being a cake pop failure. . .

December 22nd, 2011 · Family Life

I didn’t give up after my cake pop failure.

I soldiered on trying to make something pretty and tasty.   I made exactly one of these after several  botched efforts.

They were hard to make, the bark stuff wasn’t that tasty, the oreos broke and/or fell off the sticks, the oreos fell  into the bark stuff while I was trying to coat them and then broke and the smile was harder to make than I would have anticipated.   So I said, “oh to hell with it!” and bought the ingredients to make my old standby, Magic Bars.

I threw them together, I cut them into squares, put them into pretty boxes and sent them to the BoyChild’s school.  They marked them $4 a box and all told I think I raised $32 for his school’s fund raiser.  Probably less money than I actually spent trying to make something pretty.  I would have written them a check, but they never give me that option.  Since I’m not in charge, and god knows I don’t want to be in charge, I do what they tell me no matter how ludacris it sounds.

Afterwards, I was kinda glad because all my boxes of Magic Bars sold, very early in the fund raiser, while some of the pretty, fancy, stuff didn’t sell at all.

Some day I will learn to stick with what works.  Until then, will someone please remind me of this exercise in craziness next year.

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The Year of the Boots

December 20th, 2011 · Family Life

I am so excited!

I have my own personal fashion adviser, the AbFab Susan from The Working Closet!

I’ve been wanting riding boots for a long time, and I’ve finally reached a point where I can find some that fit over my fat calves.  So I asked Susan what to wear with them.

I’m off to Lands’ End to find those Ultra Fit Slim Leg jeans and I may even see if I can find the longer sort of top she refers to.

Wahoo!  I’m getting a new outfit for Christmas.


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A Cake Pop Failure

December 16th, 2011 · Family Life

I am a cakepop failure.

For the uninitiated, cake pops are suppose to be a little bite of heaven that I first learned about from the lovely and talented bakerella.  They are cake, mixed with icing, dipped in chocolate and stuck on a stick.  I mean what’s not to like about that?

Miss Zoot said they were easy, and popular and that if she could make them anyone could.  She also said they didn’t need a stick and people would love them just made up as cake balls.

Despite what Miss Zoot said.  I am an Epic failure at cake balls.

They actually didn’t look bad.

They simply didn’t taste very good.  The texture was sort of weird.  Kind of reminded me of what sweet Play Dough tastes like but not so grainy.  And it was much more time consuming than I anticipated.  And the chocolate coating I bought at Hobby Lobby was temperamental and got thick and wouldn’t melt.  And the white sugar I thought would look like snow just looked kind of icky.

So.  Back to the drawing board.  I am a cake pop failure.

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The BoyChild’s Christmas Tree

December 12th, 2011 · Family Life

Originally uploaded by StitchingLawyer.

This is the BoyChild’s Christmas tree. He bought the tree, lights and most of the ornaments with his allowance over the last couple of weeks. It has been very sweet watching him put it all together. He is so sweet it just makes my heart swell.

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Mary Kay Sampling Program

December 8th, 2011 · Family Life

Disclosure:  Mary Kay sent me the products but I was not required to write about the products and I was provided no other compensation for writing this. All opinions are my own.

I signed up a few months ago to try some Mary Kay products.

I don’t recall if they asked what colors I wanted, or what, but they sent me some fabulous things that have worked out great for me.

I received three eye shadows, a blush, a container to hold those items, a lipstick and a mascara.

For me, I don’t really need very much more; or I guess I should say I don’t really wear very much. I wear foundation sometimes, tinted moisturizer sometimes, but more often, more recently, a mineral powder which I put on with a Kabuki Brush. Since I’ve started running so much, people have commented about how good my skin looks. When it looks good, I go light on the makeup.

The blush they sent was a Mineral Cheek Color in the Cherry Blossom.

I’ve tried several of the mineral makeup products before and honestly I thought they were kind of blah.  I know a lot of people *LOVE* them but I haven’t been one of their converts.  But I liked this stuff.    The Cherry Blossom is a good color for me.  It appears, when you look at it to have a lot of sparkle, but when you put it on, it just adds subtle color with a tiny bit of sparkle.  The color is “buildable.” So if you want more drama, darker color, brush a little more on.  The blush goes on and stays on all day.  No mean feat for someone who touches her face as much as I do.

The eye shadow is also a Mineral Eye Color; they sent Sweet Cream, Silver Satin and Iris. Again they were all were great colors for me.  The Sweet Cream is a neutral that I wear all over from lash to brow, the Iris is a purplish color I wear as an accent on the crease of my eye and the Silver Satin I use as a liner under my lower lashes with a liner brush.  The colors look great on me with my brown eyes and dark brown hair.

More importantly, I think, this stuff stays in place all day long.  I wear it running (for no other reason than I’m too lazy to take it off before I go) and as long as I’ve not had to wipe sweat out of my eyes, it is still there when I get home.

Mary Kay sells their products without a case.  They sent me a Compact Mini to put my blush and eye shadow in.  It has a nice mirror and the compact lifts and small brushes are stowed underneath.  I have my own makeup brushes and didn’t open the small ones they included.  It would be tough but in a pinch, if I’d forgotten mine, I probably could use them.  The Compact Mini really seems too small to me.  I always feel like I’m getting my blush brush in my eye shadow.  I’d like something a little larger with more space between the eye shadow and the blush.

I don’t wear lipstick a lot.  Having used Mary Kay lipsticks in the past, I was a little leery of this one.  The Mary Kay lipsticks I’d tried in the past had a taste that I really didn’t like.  This Creme lipstick in Fuchsia didn’t have any bad taste at all.  It lasted pretty well; I put it on when I left home, had a meeting with a client where I did most of the talking and it was still there when I went to the restroom at 11:00.  That’s pretty good staying power for me.

I was happy with all the items they sent, but the thing that impressed me the most (and caused me to go out and actually buy with my own money two of their other types) was the mascara.  In another life, before I had children, private school tuition, braces, glasses and all the other things that go along with kids I use to wear expensive mascara.  Since I can’t afford expensive mascaras any more, I am always on the prowl for inexpensive good mascaras.

Honestly, I don’t now remember which mascara they sent me.  but I’ve bought two others and I use them pretty interchangably.  I have the Ultimate Mascara, the Lash Lenghtening Mascara and the Waterproof Mascara.  One of those is $15 and the other two cost $10 each which is a great price for  a good mascara.

I have lots of lashes I just wish (I mean who doesn’t) that they were longer.    All three do a good job of making them look longer though I think the Lash Lenghtening one probably does the best job (duh!) at it.  Oh and I guess I’ve bought another product from them since because I also bought theiry oil free eye make up remover.  Not because I needed it to remove their mascaras but because it is relatively inexpensive, I needed it and the woman I buy from works with my sister.  She’s worked with her for a long time, but this is the first time I think I’ve bought  from her before.

So.  I’m not sure how well this May Kay Campaign has been about getting others to try the products, but it’s been great for getting me to try more of their products.

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Weight Watchers Weight In

December 7th, 2011 · Family Life

I lost 3.6 pounds this week.  Yea for illness!

I’ve not gone back to running yet.  I’m feeling better.  Not so tired.  Not so achey.  But my head is still alternating between so congested I can’t breath or draining so much I’m constantly sniffling and coughing.

David got up coughing and sniffling.  The BoyChild seems o.k. but it feels like a ticking time bomb.

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It’s Happened

December 5th, 2011 · Family Life

Well it’s happened.  What I’ve been dreading.  What I’ve been afraid of.  What I’ve sprayed myself down with anti-bacterial gel to keep from happening.

I am sick.

Not die sort of sick, but can’t run sort of sick.  And I’ve not run in almost a week.

I’m suppose to run a half-marathon in 81 days.  No where in my schedule does it say, “be sick for a week.”

I’m already racked with worry.

Can I run this race in a reasonable amount of time?
Am I just too damned old to be trying to do this at all?
Will my feet hold out. What about my knees.

I’ve gotten something from the doctor. I’m hoping it will wipe this thing out quickly because it’s wiped me, and my schedule, out quickly.

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December 4th, 2011 · Family Life

We bought a Roku from Amazon last week.

We get these credits from our bank cards and surveys and various places that we put toward Amazon bucks.  Then we use it to buy stuff we want that we probably wouldn’t spend actual money to buy.

The Roku is part of a larger plan.

We are going to get rid of our cable television and our land line.  Along with our internet, we spend about $158 a month.  The internet portion is a little less than $50 a month.  So, if we get rid of  cable, and the land line we never use, we’ll save about $100 a month!  That’s nothing to sneeze at and 10 months of that will pay for a month of the BoyChild’s tuition.

The Roku is pretty kewl.  We only bought one (it was about $85) but I think we’ll get one for upstairs and downstairs.  We’ve already got NetFlix which is about $8 a month and we’re talking about getting Amazon Prime or HuluPlus.

The only thing we don’t really have covered, is the ability to record things from over the air television.  We watch Big Bang Theory but usually DVR it because it falls at a time when we are busy.  I’m pretty sure we can get older shows on the internet but CBS doesn’t appear to belong to any of the internet programs that show television.

Has anyone done this?  Does anyone have any suggestions?

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I think the people at my office are screwing with me

December 2nd, 2011 · Family Life

At my office we have a Keurig Coffee Maker.

It makes really yummy, pipping hot, caffeine filled, cups of coffee.

Except when someone orders the same brand of decaf as the regular aka caffeinated coffee. And then puts the decaf in the spot where the regular aka caffeinated coffee goes.

I’ve been walking around here with a blinding headache, which I thought was me trying to get sick, but which I now think was caffeine withdrawal.

I’m not sure who to blame but I’m looking.

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