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I covet a Kindle

June 30th, 2008 · 6 Comments · Books

There is no way around it. I want an Amazon Kindle. I want to be able to carry around over 200 books in my purse. I want to pull it out and look at it while I’m waiting for a docket to start or sitting in the waiting room waiting for my kids to have their throats swabbed, or their teeth looked at or that horrible line at the drive through bank* or where ever I happen to be with an idle minute. I want to be able to download books and magazines and newspapers. I want to be able to read the first chapter of a book to decide if I want to commit to the remainder; just like I use to do in the bookstore.

Never mind that the Kindle costs $399. I could pay for more than a month’s school tuition for one of the kids. Get 10 pedicures. Get almost 16 waxes. Get three laser treatments to permanently remove that pesky facial hair I hate so much.

I’ve given away boxes and boxes of books in recent months in order to de-clutter my life. There are very few books I actually have time to read these days, much less that I have time to read more than once. I don’t have the bookshelf space to keep a lot of books. I’m not sure of the value of having a lot of books in my house when they may never get read again; as opposed to giving them to the library for their annual book sale. People will buy them for $1 each and might actually read them and give them back to the library to sell for a dollar, again, to someone else at the next sale.

I like the feel of books. I like the heft to them. I like touching and turning the pages.

But I hear the Kindle crooning to me every time I go to Amazon dot com. Enticing me with low priced books. Ones that are downloaded instantly where ever I happen to be, not just when I’m near my computer. Books that will save my place even if I use it so much I lose power and the battery dies. A book that I can’t lose or get half finished and have to return to the library because it won’t renew and my husband freaks out if he has to pay a 20 cent fine.

We make a concerted effort to use our local library. It is a beautiful place, with lots of light and a wonderful children and young adults (that group that use to be called teenagers) section and has lots and lots of lovely books. It makes me feel virtuous. I’m not spending money on books anymore. I’m using fewer resources and killing fewer trees. The library lets me sign on on my computer at home or work and reserve the books I want. They e-mail me when it arrives at the library of my choice so I can pick it up.

The other night I was on Amazon looking for the next book club book. I’m not going to buy it but some of the others in the book club do buy them and I like to give everyone an idea of what it costs and how many copies are available in our Library System. And I spied the Kindle. It’s on every page at Amazon! Searching prices for a scooter? On the right is an ad for the Kindle. Searching for Potato Flour? On the upper left is an ad for the Kindle. Never mind that I’m not even there to think about books, Amazon won’t let me come to their site without tormenting me with the Kindle.

And then yesterday? I do believe Amazon is trying to push me over the edge. They sent me an e-mail (and yes I do know that they are sending them to all of their 150 gazillion customers, not just me) telling me they had lowered the price! Oh they are intent on tormenting me.

But I have vowed to be strong. And my husband wants a new lawn mower and he probably needs it more than I need a Kindle. But when the second generation is released, I’m so there.
*Does this ever happen to you? Where you get pissed off that there are only three cars in the drive through at the bank yet it still is taking them for ev-arh to get those deposits processed? And you get the urge to call that bank guy up from your cell phone. You know that guy, the one they send out every six months or so to “make sure there isn’t anything more we can do to make you happy” and say “This. This is what you can do to make me happy. Sit in this horrible, stupid line for me so I can go cook dinner for my children instead of wasting my life here! Or. News-flash! Hire more people!” No? O.K. maybe it is just me; just checking.


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  • 1 Robbin // Jul 1, 2008 at 7:45 am

    Oh, my. I want a Kindle with an indecent amount of lust. I NEED a water softener for my house. I SHOULD get my hardwood floor down in my living room.

    But, as a person with a 500 wpm reading speed, and books I will never read again cluttering up my house, I want a Kindle with blind longing.

  • 2 Heather // Jul 2, 2008 at 8:37 am

    I was all ready to scoff. Then I watched the video on Amazon. Now, me want. Me REALLY want!

    Truly, there is nothing like holding a book in your hands; but when I think about how many times I lose my place in a book because I have to jump up for kids, etc. – having just a flat little screen I could set down would make it worthwhile all by itself!

    Thanks for opening up my eyes to this little device!

  • 3 Leanne // Jul 3, 2008 at 3:15 pm

    I want one too. Really.

    I also have thirty books to read right now for school. Don’t ask.

    Dare I say – I NEED one?

  • 4 Jill // Jul 10, 2008 at 6:38 pm

    I bought one a week ago, recognizing just as you have that there are things I likely need more than a Kindle. Doesn’t matter. I am the envy of my geek friends and I enjoy using it to read books.

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