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When you start the day with dog diarrhea, a lot can happen and it can’t possibly get any worse than that

August 22nd, 2007 · No Comments · Family Life

This morning we were awakened at 6:00 by the BoyChild in our bed. Not an unusual event, but today he seemed wide awake and unwilling to go back to sleep. We threatened him with, “do you want to go back to your room?” and received a “No!” in response. Finally, the BoyChild said, “I can’t go back to my room, the WonderDog had diarrhea and there is a mess on my floor and on my wall.” About that time the Huz’s alarm clock went off and we got up.

You know, when you start the day with dog diarrhea, a lot can happen and it can’t possibly get any worse than that.

That would be a great lead-in for a “and then this happened to me” entry. But having started with that great entry, I don’t have anything bad to report.

The BoyChild’s first two days of REAL school have been blessedly uneventful. The teacher still isn’t very warm and fuzzy to us, but the BoyChild seems to like her, and she him. There have been no reports of problems when the Huz picks him up which certainly beats the heck out of being met at the door with a list of his infractions as long as your arm.

We put him in the nice neighborhood public school, instead of nice Catholic School the GirlChild goes to, or any of the other schools we’d visited or talked to or looked at, because they had a half day kindergarten. Maybe not the best reason to select a school, but it was one of the things that meant the most to me. I don’t think he’s ready to go to school from 8:10 to 3:20 every day like they do at the GirlChild’s nice Catholic School. Hell, they have the four year olds going that long. I just didn’t think the BoyChild was up for it. One of the places I talked to had a half day kindergarten. But it was only in the afternoon. And it let out about the same time the GirlChild got out of school across town.

The nice neighborhood public school is relatively small as these things go. There are about 240 students in the school. The student:teacher ratio is 15:1 though I think these numbers must be skewed a little bit because the BoyChild’s class has much higher numbers than that. Ethnically it seems pretty diverse: about 30 percent Asian, 23 percent Hispaniac, 24 percent White about 20 percent Black with the remaining 3 percent or so falling into that “other” category. There appear to be a whole bunch more girls than boys in the BoyChild’s class though it is exactly the opposite in the GirlChild’s class so I assume these things come and go.

We’ve been getting the BoyChild to bed early. I think he still needs 11-12 hours of sleep every night in order to function well. So, we’ve been getting him in the bathtub about 6:30, in bed for storytime by about 7:00 and asleep by about 7:30. We’ve also figured out that when he gets tired, he gets aggressive, and to avoid problems it is best to get him to bed early.

The Nice Neighborhood Public School is close enough that we could walk. Though, of course, *I* probably won’t. The Huz walked down to the school and picked him up and also took him his scooter so he could ride it home. I thought that had a sweet sound to it.

This week I’ve been able to have the BoyChild come to my office while the GirlChild goes to therapy or tutoring and it has been fun. I might not be getting as much done as I would if he went with the Huz and the GirlChild, but I get to spend more time with him and I do love that.


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