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And we have no sense of direction either

August 18th, 2007 · No Comments · Family Life

Today we decided to go see the last airplane of some variety to be made at TAFB. Yeah, it doesn’t really sound THAT exciting but it was hot today and we didn’t have anything else we needed to do.

So, since the Baba is a big time Air Force buff type person, we called to invite him to come with us. At first the Baba said he had a meeting and his brother from out of town was going to be there and he couldn’t come with us. And then a little while later he called and said he thought he could sneak out of his meeting a little early if we still wanted to go so we said sure. I meant to ask what happened to his brother (my Uncle) from out of town but I forgot until later and then it didn’t seem appropriate anymore.

Actually, I originally thought I would get to stay home and nap or read or do something else equally decadent. But the BoyChild didn’t seem to think I needed any time to myself today and was threatening to not go unless I went, so I got my shoes on and off we went.

The Huz and I were talking as we were driving over there. And as he was getting ready to turn into Wiley Post Airport he said the airplane was suppose to be west of the terminal at Will Rogers Airport. I looked at him and said, “this isn’t Will Rogers Airport.” And he went “Oh. Damn.” and he turned around and hauled ass to Will Rogers Airport cause the WRA is a long-assed way in the opposite direction as the WPA.

And I too think it is weird that two of our airports are named after aviators who DIED in a plane crash. Almost as funny as they calling it the Will Rogers INTERNATIONAL airport. I mean no one and nothing flies in here directly. And they certainly don’t come here directly from out of the country.

So we call the Baba and tell him of our mistake and he said it was raining near the WRA. But we trudged on. And we got to the WRA. And we couldn’t find this plane. And the Baba suggested the FAA Center. And we went there. They hadn’t even heard anything about it. So instead we went and looked at the outside of a similar airplane that is on display at the Vo-Tech there all the time.

The GirlChild sneered when we invited her to come with us. The BoyChild didn’t seem to notice the difference. They rain just made it all the more exciting.

So, I took a few pictures. And the BoyChild took a picture or two and we headed off.

And when we got home. I asked the Huz if he’d ever figured out why we didn’t find this airplane. And he said, “Because it WAS at Wiley Post Airport.”


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