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Our New Sweet Ride

June 14th, 2007 · 1 Comment · Family Life, Photos

Recently we got rid of the Hubs VW diesel. On election day 2000 the Hubs pick-up backfired, caught fire and burned up. That was the year GeorgeW was elected. I took it as a sign.

We replaced it with the VW Golf. The Golf had provided us many years of loyal service. It did not require much in the way of maintenance or repairs. And it got fabulous gas mileage; 50 mpg on a bad day. But gasoline fumes are bad for the BoyChild, and diesel was even worse. So we decided to buy an electric car.

So we got this car. And at first I was kind of “eh.” Cause it really wasn’t my car, it was the Hubs car. And while it has a lot of leg room in the back, it’s basically a small car. The husband doesn’t want anyone eating or┬ádrinking in his new car so we can’t do anything fun in it.


I’ve come around! It is a peppy little thing. It gets about 50 mpg just toodling around town. It’s got a really cool sound system and this back-up camera so you can see what’s behind you when you put it in reverse. And the dash-board is all kind of Star-Treky.

And. As the Boychild said when he first rode in it, “it’s a sweet ride, Mom.”

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  • 1 missmamamoon // Jun 14, 2007 at 12:23 pm

    Ooh – pretty!

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