The Year of the Boots

I am so excited!

I have my own personal fashion adviser, the AbFab Susan from The Working Closet!

I’ve been wanting riding boots for a long time, and I’ve finally reached a point where I can find some that fit over my fat calves.  So I asked Susan what to wear with them.

I’m off to Lands’ End to find those Ultra Fit Slim Leg jeans and I may even see if I can find the longer sort of top she refers to.

Wahoo!  I’m getting a new outfit for Christmas.


One thought on “The Year of the Boots”

  1. Margaret! I have those very jeans and I LOVE THEM. I am a size 12 and they fit great and never make me feel “hippy”. All the other skinny jeans I tried made my legs look like chicken drumsticks. I was a jean-clad Foghorn Leghorn!

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