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Gah I hate buying clothes!

July 1st, 2011 · 1 Comment · Family Life

Last night I went shopping in the Mall.

We are going to spend the Fourth of July weekend with David’s family where we can hang at the lake on a huge sailboat and blow stuff up with fireworks.  All that time at the lake requires a swimsuit.  I bought my last swimsuit the summer the BoyChild was born.  Why yes  that WAS nine year ago.

I’m in this love/hate relationship with my clothes these days.  Most of the clothes I’m accustomed to wearing, are too big; I really need to get rid of them.  I have some clothes in my closet I could wear, but figuring out what I can wear, what’s too big and what’s too small is still a crap-shoot and most mornings, I’m just not up for it.  Most days you’ll find me in a too big pair of slacks and a sweater of some variety.  I hate to buy new clothes, because my hope is to continue to lose weight, and I hate spending money on clothes I’ll only be able to wear for a short time.

So anyway.  Last night I screwed up my courage and went on a quest for a new swimsuit.  It was as bad as you can imagine.

I started at the JCPenny store.  $79 for a swim suit seemed outrageous. They had a pretty good selection but I didn’t originally think so.    I left without trying anything on, thinking (wrongly) that other places would have better selection and cheaper prices.

I went to every big girl’s favorite store, Lane Bryant.  They had almost no selection and had already moved the swim suits to the back of the store.  I tried what they had in my size.  It was a babydoll sort of top.  Not the best look for a big girl.  The bottom was a skirt like short thing.  I  felt like a hooker in a really cheap, skimpy cocktail dress.   There were only two suits left in my size and they were both like that.

I went to Macy’s.  Did you know Macy’s doesn’t have swimsuits for anyone bigger than about a 14.  None.  Nada.  Zilch.  I kept thinking they were hiding them.  I never did locate them.

I was tired.  I’d not yet eaten dinner.  Because we all know trying on a swim suit is bad enough without trying to do it on a full stomach.

I debated whether to travel to the complete other end of the mall to Dillard’s.  I decided to try my luck back at JCPenny’s.    After Lane Bryant and Macy’s their selection of problaby 6 or 8 suits in my size seemed like a huge number of possibilities.

I ended up trying on this Shirred Front Spa suit in black, as pictured, or in a blue flowered pattern that I couldn’t find on the web page.  And they were even on sale.  I bought the blue one, since my last bathing suit was black and it might be another 9 years before I venture out to find another.


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  • 1 Nadine // Jul 2, 2011 at 6:37 am

    That’s cute swimsuit! I like the flirty skirt suits for me. And the last swimsuit I bought was a swimDRESS. I have stretchmarks on my upper thighs and I really do not like to show them… and it’s 2 sizes bigger than my actually pant size. But it fits so well!

    I am upset that the stores do not carry more for that 14 or bigger gal. Most, order off the internet.

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